Was the sense of evolution once known in its perfection?

Speaking in comparisons in order that you understand it now.

What's making the Bible so mysterious?

It’s written in comparisons in order that you don't understand.

And that is our Book of Truth?

Did you never thought about it?

Isn’t it through that a book for speculators or day-dreamers?

Hereditively we fixed it in our genes during about 2000 years.

It leaded to a hand full of wars and finally we put this book beside us by separate Church and State.

Now - at the moment that the birds are falling out of the sky and the tension between East and West is growing to a climax - more and more people are asking themselves...’’What the hell is this for a strange book.

And especially...

What is the strange predicting that the word should pure until the end of our days, but that it should stay raw on our stomach at the end of our days.

Are we doing something wrong?

What we are doing wrong?

On all levels it’s going wrong now and the human plague is eating our planet empty like a real grasshoppers-plague.

And even more curious is that the beginning of the ‘’Book of Thruth’’ begins with...

After God oversaw His Creation, saw that it was perfect and let us.

After a study of about 30 years concerning the ancient wisdom that stated that all cycles were equal I received a better view of these comparisons, the origin of this wisdom as well as the reason of this strange book.

This is my last attempt to try to discuss it with you.

Whenever you have comparisons that you think to not understand or understand, please write it to me with your interpretations or question-remarks [ to: siegfried.bok@gmail.com] . Then we publish it and discuss it on this forum.

Siegfried Bok.

for more info about my reseach : Wetenschap Eindtijd

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter to Erich von Dániken about ''cosmic life'' and the ancient definition of life.

Dear Mr. Erick von Däniken,
May I ask your attention about my view on “Were the Gods astronauts’’ and”The Mayan calender and 2012”?
Its a too crazy story with too much comparisons with your work and visions to ignore.
Let me tell first about my own research that completely was ignored, because the truth is too threatening to realise.

My name is Siegfried Bok
I am 67 and my entire life stood in the sign of research.
In between: Research is literately meaning searching to something that was known before.
I started with studying medicine and became a surgeon.
It was a ‘’high-classed family tradition’’ and/or a ‘’traditional must’’.
My father was medical specialist and my grandfather was brainresearcher and rector magnificus of the University of Leiden.

During my medical education I already became scared to see that illness-incidence was increasing parallel with the amount of doctors.
My question was...’’Are we doing something wrong?’’
So I started an unconventional way by researching biology, evolution and cell-biophysiology.
Slowly I became in the spell of cancer, because in there the opposite occurs as in pregnancy or evolution [named Genesis].
Then it scared me to see more and more that all aspects of cancer were found back in our world-economy and so I gave a lecture in 1981 at an international medical congress entitled ‘’Cancer, its like economy’’.
From that time I became a foe of the Dutch medical society as well as the Dutch Government.
It was like I undermined the honour of doctors and the increasing wealth of Holland.
This condemnation made that I stepped over to alternative medicine, owing to which I came in contact with acupuncture: an about 6000 old method of searching organ-activity during 24 hours-cycle.
This methode was found to be part of a huge know-how about all cycle-waves there exists.
It stated: All cycles of’All there is’’ are equal ones from the biggest [the entire cosmos] to the smallest [an atom] and only the biggest and smallest found the way to eternity.’’
About cancer they said: ‘’Cancer is the reversed cycle or recycling’’.
Finally this doctrine - known as the doctrine of the 5 elements -  a typical definition about life: ‘’Everything that is in movement is alive’’.
Was I right by saying that our economy [with its recycling] was a cancerous one?

At about 1990 my medical research was finished and in general the following conclusions were made.
1. Mankind is unique because of a tiny defect in the brain named corpus callosum and let us by the ancient wisdom as being a lack of collective mind and/or we are pure individualists.
2. Our increase of illness is caused by increasing hereditary load which destroy our genetic cord progressively and/or more general ...Illness is a reactive mechanism of nature in order to try to restore our overgrowth.
3. Cancer was found to be caused by a genetic defect of one organ owing to which another organ try to compensate this defect by becoming ‘’undifferentiated’’ or less specialised.
In other words: Cancer is a natural reactive mechanism in order to try to survive as long as possible with this defect.
Isn’t that also the case of our cancerous society?
4. Pregnancy and Genesis are equal one.
Delivery starts at the moment that the unborn child is starting its own metabolism [heat-production]  and in the Genesis mankind as being Lucifer is the crown on and/of the end of evolution. And/or mankind creates ‘’Revelation of life’’ .
5. Women live generally about 10 % longer than men.
Is it coincidence that one can simulate this phenomenon by injection of embryonic cells of zoo-logs and known as ‘’the Cell-therapy of Niehans’’?
I named it  for my patients ‘’apperent pregnancy’’.
I mention it here because - speaking in comparisons - Mother Earth is pregnant of life and let us as Genesis.
I mention it now also because of the Mayan predictions of the growth of one baktun or about 8 %.
6. The trigger of our search to survive is our suffering of illness and wars.

From that time I stopped my medical work and started to try to find resemblances in all cycles, which were said to be equal ones.
I was searching on all levels by looking carefully in all nature as well as in our recent discoveries of cosmic knowledge and atomic discoveries.
Now I can state that at this moment on cosmic level there is also recycling of dust of star-metabolism.
And in the electron of an atom one can see the 6 days of evolution which end in a micro Big bang also owing to our advanced technological REvolution.
This study costed me about 10 years after which I became sure that we stay at the eve of saying good bye , because - speaking in Mayan terms - our planet is now turning around the sun in about 13 moon-cycles per year as it was once 12.
And in the mean time...
We have an epidemic of cancer, our world-economy is in a terminal state of cancer and we celebrate a human plague or cancerous attitude in relation to all nature as being the ultimate sign of our extinction.
Fore more information I ask you to look at my website www.wetenschap-eindtijd.com as well as a film on http://2012.jazeg.nl

This brings me to your search of ‘’alien’’ life and also about the possible contacts with other planetary life...
                                       The definition of life
May I ask you?
What is the definition of life in this know-how even more than ‘’everything that exists is alive’’?
What is life on our planet in this context more than recycled dust of star-metabolism on planets which is burned down again with metabolism?
May I state it simple by saying: The recycled dust of H2CO3 is creating life in which C is being the semen of life, H2O is creating its movement and O2 created its burning or metabolism.
Isn’t that exactly what the Bible is telling us?
I am certain that on Mars this life-cycle was more of less identical, because life is a natural mechanism of matter in order to prevent a fall back on the sun.
This is part of the laws of Einstein.
Then the Bible let us that mankind should grow to Gods image and/or equal to cosmic laws of life of matter and researched by Stephan Hawking as Big Bang and Big Crunch happens at the same moment.
The Black Hole is nothing more than a huge pregnancy and is feeded by the Milky Way as being the umbilical cord which carries the dust of star-metabolism into the Black Hole.
Then our extending part of the Universe can be seen in comparisons as being the uterus-wall that extends owing to the ‘’newborn’’.
In my humble view - knowing something about Einstein’s theory - matter in our part is cooling down and normally should shrink and/or falling down on each other or on the sun.
It’s the planets who have nearly a circle-wave as being the weakest parts of the ‘’uterus-wall’’.
Such a crash down on the sun should lead to premature delivery of the new life in the Black Hole.
In my humble view this can be counteract by  the ‘’genesis on planets’’ because it increase vitality one baktun and let us in the Bible as being a growth to equality of Yin en Yang on cosmic level.
This planetary life is completely comparable with the ‘’Genesis in the Black Hole’’.
The only difference is that - owing to the equal growth of cosmic Yin and Yang - cosmic life is eternal and planetary life is temporarily.
And we create at the end of our existence also a Big Bang by nuclear energy, which automatically will lead to a Big Crunch.
And owing to this earthly Big Bang Earth receives a mega-injection in order to continue its cycle-wave around the sun.
Is this the 1000 years of peace after ‘’the Devil [mankind] is captured?
I am certain that this process originated on all planets, because it is a law of matter.
And even bigger the planet even more extensive this Big Bang and Big Crunch have to be.
And even more near to the sun - like Venus - this ‘’evolution of life’’ will be less powerful.
Therefor this planet received its name.
I am certain that on Mars they also found the key of movement or ‘’nuclear power’’ at the end of their existence and these people tried to escape to earth.
I am certain that they tried to escape at the end of their existence, like we try to do the same now.
Isn’t also it in our saying “We  have a lot in our Mars’’?
Is it all coincidence?

Of course there is much more to tell about after this long search of being.
For me it’s evident to see how evolution is nothing more than a increase of heat-production with at the end the hothead mankind.
For me it’s also comprehensive why this ancient wisdom had to keep in secret until the end of our days.
For me it’s now also comprehensive why I was condemned after finding the origin of Illness and cancer and/or the essence of our suffering.
But looking in the nowadays world it is more than clear that we stay at the end of evolution and/or the moment of ‘’revelation’’.
Did I give you enough information to share our different discoveries?
Sincerely yours,
Siegfried Bok

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Request for contact to Paul La Violette and The Starburst Foundadion [starburstfound@aol.com]

Naar aanleiding van Armand’s blogartikel, waarin hij bericht over astrofysicus Paul La Violette, besloten wij als Research Institute Revelation contact te zoeken per email http://moederaarde-partus.blogspot.com/2011/02/wat-triggert-de-partus.html?showComment=1297238109989#c379786134494645903

Request for contact to Paul La Violette and The Starburst Foundation [starburstfound@aol.com]

Dear Mr. Paul La Violette,
My name is Siegfried Bok.
Recently I received your address from a friend, mainly because your conclusions of your research into astrology/cosmology are nearly the same as mine.
The only difference is that I was a Dutch medical specialist and cancer-researcher.
I researched cosmology from a complete different view.
I don't go deeper here in cancer-occurence , but finally I found that cancer was a natural reactive mechanism in order to try to survive.
I published this in Medical Hypotheses, but the editor was too anxious to publish this controversial vision.This was in 1986.
I mention it here, because it's essential for the conclusion that we stay on the edge of the end of evolution.

During my medical research I coincidentally came in contact with acupuncture, which is based on an ancient doctrine that stated "All cycles in the Universe are equal ones and everything happens at the same time, however only the smallest one [ an atom ] and the biggest one [ the entire Universe] found the way to eternity".
And finally they let us ‘’All matter is in motion and therefor alive’’.

In 1981 a lecture was given on a congress in Holland entitled "Cancer, it’s like the economy.
Owing to this lecture, I became an enemy of the Dutch government as well as a thread for the medical society.
A couple of years later I resigned medical work and started to try to unravel this ancient knowhow.
The consequence of this general condemnation was that I had plenty of time to study this strange doctrine in relation to the cycle-wave of illness, which was found to correspond with the aeonic cycle-waves of cultures, that ended with a cancerous economy.
The symptoms are increasing wealth, metastases or migration and "recycling'' of waste as was found one of the main characters of cancer. And the final result was an exhausted territory.
Thereafter I projected these cycle-waves on a cosmic level and found that the Max Planck Institute could confirm that now this happens in the cosmos as well.http://www.wetenschap-eindtijd.com/homepage_english/mankind_s_thinking/heartbeat_cosmos/cosmic_superwave/cosmic_superwave.html
Thereafter I projected it on an atom and amazingly one found that at the end of each cycle-wave of the electron there originates irregularities like a heartbeat during evolution and finally a micro Big Bang.
Then I started to read the Bible with all its predictions and mostly written in comparisons in order that we shouldn't understand.
Isn’t that strange?
One of these comparisons is the growth to equality of men and women, which I read as being an equality of Yang [our part of the Universe] and Yin [the black hole].
Isn't it coincidence that the Maya's let us the growth from 12 to 13 baktuns whenever you know that women lived about 8% longer than men?
And... don’t we have 13 moon-cycles in a year in stead of 12 in previous times?
Is it a coincidence that we found the ‘’nucleus’’ of energy - nuclear energy - recently?
Whenever we look into the world the last prediction of a war between East and West becomes more and more obvious, because our ‘’cancerous economy’’ is nearly at its end.
This will be a nuclear war, like the Big Bang in an electron.
Isn’t this predicted as ‘’Earth is burning in Uranus’’?
Is it a coincidence that we now have an epidemic of cancer, a cancerous economy as well as  a cancerous human plague and let us as being a grasshopper-plague.
Speaking in comparisons I can state that Mother Earth is in labour now [see simple article http://www.vkblog.nl/bericht/152302/Mother_Earth_is_in_labour. and that our Western economic cancer will destroy life on this planet  [see article on a Dutch journal http://www.vkblog.nl/bericht/150686/Western_Mass_Destruction_of_Life_on_our_planet

However there are much more significances and written down on a website of Research Institute Revelation [ www.wetenschap-eindtijd.com ] as well as in a film-interview  on http://2012.jazeg.nl
I can only come to the conclusion that all our efforts of research [ literally meaning re-find] and our greed to try to find eternal life for ourselves [ we doubled our lifetime - owing to our research - 2 times in relation to other zoo-logs, it should be 40 years only ] our immense energy output kept Earth in a cycle-wave in order to reach this 13-th baktun.
And our cancerous societies [ also prolongation of their existence ] helped us to clean  Mother Earth progressively.
In my humble view these prolongations of all cycles [ earthly and cosmically ] is only because of aging of our extending part.
And its extension origine because the Black Hole absorbs the dust of our burning part via the Milky Way. [see previously mentioned cosmic article]
In other words: It’s like pregnancy of the Black Hole in which our part is nothing more than the placenta.
Speaking in these comparisons planetary life only exists during labour pains in the Black Hole.
Speaking in comparisons with human beings planets react on these labour pains [ice-periods] with creating a coat of CO2 in order to counteract fusion of matter in our part of the Universe because ..‘’All matter is in motion and therefor alive’’.
Therefor all planets and even the sun [its heliosphere] now have an increased temperature.
Speaking in comparisons with evolution heat-production of specimen increased and finally mankind ‘’Lucifer’’ made progressive fire and finally found the nuclear power and use it.
Speaking about wars in comparisons with cosmic waves of Yin ‘’Black Hole energy’’ these wars were found to be corresponding with it as well. They correspond with the energy our heartbeat as well.
Weren’t all cycles said to be equal?
Isn’t this the meaning of the ‘’Golden Grail of eternity” and/or ‘’The daVinci Code’’?

Unfortunately I have no know-how about the Jewish Kabbala with its ‘’72 steps to heaven’’ and in the Bible mentioned as the paint-factory of Levi, because otherwise one should be able to predict the last [nuclear] war between East and West exactly.
And all efforts to come in contact with Kabbalists failt in the past.
But is it important?
We know that it will happen this year or somewhere in 2012.

Finally I know - owing to your publications - that You experience ‘’the cosmic play’’ as being identical with the activities in an atom and/or a stable proton and a Big Bang / Big Crunch in the electron as it was recently seen in the CERN-experiments.
In my humble view I have many proves to believe the opposite and think that Stephan Hawking is right.
I see it in the mirror and/or versum.
For me it received the name Uni-versum not coincidentally.
This also corresponds with the previous ‘’Believe in Al-La’’, which changed in the last change of Zodiac to God. This was found to be a trilogy of 3 ancient Sanskrit-symbols of respectively the cycle-wave of earth, the evolutionary cycle and the cycle-wave of mankind ending in death.
But it’s also not important.

This is my general conclusion after a study of about 30 years and of course a general discussion about it is absolutely impossible.
May I ask you if you are interested to share details in order to try to bring it in public discussions as well.

Waiting for your reply.
Sincerely yours,
Siegfried Bok

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It’s all in the name and the name is God.

Perhaps you still think, that I am a strong ‘’believer’’, but the opposite is the truth.
I am not a believer of God and even no believer in myself.
The latest one is as bad as good and the first one is only because God is the personification of the entire cycle-wave of our Mother Earth.
The G is originally Sanskrit symbol of  our ‘’music-symbol G ‘’and is standing for the cycle-wave that the earth makes after She was born out of the sun.
The O is representing the whole cycle-wave of evolution on our planet.
The D  is the ancient symbol  of death.
How I know this?
This knowhow was one of my explaining dreams in which I received the basic meaning of all letters of our alphabet.
It’s part of the unbelievable ancient science, which leaded then and is now again our science of numerology.
And numerology became once a science after God and Science separated in the Chinese dynasty.
In between... Do you know that in case of application for high functions, nowadays one uses numerology to decide if the applicant is capable for the function or not?
... Did you know that the name Coca Cola was based on numerology?
... Did you know that Bill Clinton is his ‘’artificial name’’ and possibly based on numerology in order to give him power? He came out of a very poor family!
But let me go back to the subject.
In other words: The word God is telling us the whole evolutionary cycle of our planet.

Isn’t it also unbelievable or even spectacular how our name influences our way of life?
Firstly I couldn't believe it ... because I am an unbeliever, but owing to own reseach I know it now for sure.
Can you understand that I was confused by such an absurd dream?
Can you understand ...
In between...Can you read the word ‘’under’’-’’stand’’ properly?
It’s actually the same word as believe and or accepting something or somebody in humility.
Can you understand that I started to try to translate birth-names of myself and everybody in my surroundings.
I didn’t start only to translate it properly, but also asked my fellowman if it corresponds more or less with their cycle of life until then.
And believe it or not, but it was as if I became a clairvoyant in the eyes of others.
That was my prove of my pudding, that this dream was correct.
In other words: Our birth-name corresponds -  like God the cycle-wave - with every-body's individual life-cycle.
But our individual life-cycle is the compilation of hundreds and hundred ancestors.
Their walk trough life made us who we are now.
Isn’t therefor comprehensible that  one receive - from father to son and from mother to daughter - the birth-name of one of our grandparents.
Nowadays we name it [old-fashion] traditions, but once it was normal.
Now I can say that whenever one receive a ‘’modern’’ name, one looses the contacts with your real being completely, owing to which one stay in life as completely lost person or a pure individualist.
Can you follow me?
Another remarkable phenomenon was that the name itself has a vibration, that represents mostly a sort of cycle-wave itself by pronouncing it: a cycle-wave of positive and negative or high and low or powerful and powerless parts.
All names have an other wave. Some are very pronounced and others are more flat.
It’s remarkable that flat or even straight-lined names like John, Pim or Trix also have a straight-lined mind and a straight-lined life .
Look at it yourself and you will see how interesting it is.
So...Every name has it and it vibration corresponds with its deeper meaning.
Isn’t it unbelievable?

Until about  1950 it was completely normal that children were named to grandparents as if one knew unconsciousness about ‘’life-blood’’ or hereditary resemblances.
Then I was amazed why nowadays more and more people used only the powerful part of the name.
Wasn’t it coincidence that this became especially usual after the Second World War?
Don’t laugh it away directly, because it becoming even more terrifying or laughing with tears.
I wrote a whole book about it and perhaps it will appear here as e-book later-on.
But ...
About two generations after the war, it became more and more costumed to give our children exotic names or even names or flowes.
This was also the period of ‘’power flower movement’’ and the sexual REvolution.
Read it carefully : Revolution like we speak about technological REvolution as well.
In that time many people also changed their birth-name completely.
Was this the influence of our fast increasing wealth or ... perhaps that we were loosing the contacts with ancestors already?
I see it as being the beginning of our excarnation or speaking in New Age terminology, that we are becoming aliens ourselves or... speaking with God’s word-believers ... that our spirit  already is drifting into the Universe.

Again one generation later -nowadays fashion -  it’s very common to hide ourselvesf behind ‘’nickernames’’ and especially on Internet.
Is it our fear to be what we are?
Is it our fear for the future?
Do we feel deep inside that we manipulated ourselves in an impossible situation: a situation from which we want to run away?
Looking in the world we even make a  ‘’Lucifer  gala-festival‘’ of life , because we don’t want to think reality or the day of tomorrow.
That’s also why the ‘’New Age movement’’ arose, in which one strongly believes in a period of higher consciousness and/or cosmic intelligence.
Isn’t it all the same!?
Yesterday a friend of me told me ...’’I use nickernamens on Internet because I have the feeling that I protect me a little-bit against Big Brother who is controlling us in everything that we do or say on our modern medium’’.
Fear ... fear ... and again fear.
It looks life it evolve day by day in a spectacular speed and/or the Bible-predictions that at the end everything goes faster and faster .
May I name it our nowadays ‘’spirit of times’’?
Is it that we feel deep inside that everything goes rapidly wrong?

Perhaps you think that manipulations with our names doesn’t influence our character, but this is an absolute misunderstanding.
It really leads to a complete change of our attitude.
Even when one receives titles - like Professor, Doctor,Clergyman or Priest  one’s character changes as well. It’s really like they behave if they are God of their own profession.
As soon as one contradict such a ‘’earthly God’’, it’s like such a person changes into the devil or even don’t speak anymore to you.
In other words...The power of the name has unbelievable strong influences on our own being.
How it’s possible I don’t know precisely, but in my humble opinion it’s all a question of vibration and/or energy which influences our brain-activity.
Are our brains so vulnerable for energetic impulses?
The last 20 years I studied about the doctrine of all cycles of the Universal watch from the smallest [an atom] and the biggelst [the entire cosmos].
It was found that even in an atom there is a heartbeat and projecting it on cosmic levels in there it exists as well.
These changing energies were found to back as zodiacs in which cultures disappear and reappear again.
May I conclude that our brain-activity therefor is also completely influences by something that we name ‘’spirit of times’’ : a spirit that comes from the Universe?
May I conclude that our use of words or even our names are directly related to these changes as well?

I wrote this article not for fun.
It’s partly my irritation to speak on forum with people who are introduce themselves as being ‘’strange nicker’’  or use half there original names owing to which their presentations absolutely not correspond with their personal meaning and/or their original background.
Therefor they behave like aliens only, because ... they became straingers.
Everybody is different and walked another way trough life from the beginning to the end.
Everybody views life from a different standpoint: a view of life due to read many books or individual experiences.
We all are wearing other spectacles and this is making our society to a complete ‘’confusion of tongues’’. Chaos!!!
Damned, we made already such a mass of this planet and we all are responsible for it.
This counts for everybody without any exception.
Let‘s thát be clear!!!
Here we try only to discuss our madness and why we made such a mass of everything.
That’s what a forum like this can make so worthwhile in order to try to refind the truth behind our personal meaning, because...
Isn’t Truth an abstraction or a ‘’not manipulable  situation’’?
Aren't we all searching for this ‘’ONE TRUTH’’ in order to destruct our imaginations in terms of good and bad?
Wasn’t it let us that we shouldn’t make images in order to stay of see pure and/or without spectacles?
In my humble opinion there is lying the cause of our nowadays desperation.

I don’t go in on nicker-examples here.
That’s not necessary.
May I ask you to show your real face when you start to discuss articles here?
Thank you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The origin and meaning of our Testament and The Immaculate Conception.

This is my maiden-speech for this renewed forum concerning ‘’The Book of Wisdom’’.
A maiden speech? What is the difference between a maiden and a virgin?
Isn’t it like I am a complete ‘’virgin’’ for you?
And so I hope that you can read the story as pure like being a maid or a virgin, because our Virgin Mother Earth already is suffering delivery pains.
And in spite of that ...thousands and thousands all over the world are still struggling with this Holy Book of Faith or ...
This is even more curious, because 99% the faithful don’t even think about the origin of this Holy Book of Wisdom.
For them it’s the truth and nothing more than the truth
How one interpret “all predictions, owing to which we should not understand” is absolutely no problem. Jesus was born out of Maria owing to Immaculate Conception!!!
Point, over and out!!!
One can discuss till Chronos and/or Death is takes us away, but for me it’s purely nonsense that Joseph - the husband of Maria - had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus.
I feel sorry about, but for me this is for sure one of the most intriguing predictions ever made.
Whenever you are still not convinced, I bag you to close this forum immediately.
This is for sure one of the most delicate predictions of this Holy Book of Wisdom as being another word for the Bible.

Is there somebody in the audience, who can tell me the difference between wisdom and science?
I ask it to you, because this Holy Book predicted us also that we should refind the wisdom at the end of our days by researching everything.
It even stated that the Devil of Evil should be captured at the end of our days.
Who is this Devil, who created this human plague owing to which general life is disappearing now?
Are we the Devil or is it The Church that pressed us to make as much children as possible?
What’s the reason that we do REseach in stat of search or is this only coincidence?
But ...wasn’t it let us also that the word should be pure until the end of our days?
I feel so sorry, but I don’t see any difference between the word and The Word.
For me it feels that this implies, that the cycle of life on this planet once was known perfectly and/or in perfection.
I say it, because now - at the end of our days - many of these predictions already became reality.
Mankind grew out to a plague like grasshoppers, swarms of birds fall out of the sky and the East-West confrontations rise day by day.
Isn’t that aspect already curious enough to stand still by the origin of this Wisdom?
And even more, because this Holy Book predicted that it should stay raw on our stomach at the end of our days.
Did it mean that we only consumed the Devil’s part of it?
In my humble opinion this cannot be said to atheists, because they didn’t eat this Book of ‘’believers’’.

I  can tell you that I have real indications that it was known in the ancient times in its perfection.
I was a scientist only and had an atheistic education.
In other words: The church - who was standing in the middle of our town - was for me a forbidden area. I only admired its architecture.
I studied medicine, became an “human butcher’’ and medical researcher, because it felt very strange to cut out organs without knowing why they became to ill to preserve.
Its even more strange that my colleagues - wearing white clothes like the Ku Klux Klan - seemed to do it with pleasure.
Owing to studying one receive knowledge and as the word should be pure till the end of our days it is nothing more than ‘’the edge of knowing’’.
Isn’t the edge of knowing the same as a lie and/of half the truth?
I am 100% certain that by combining all different disciplines of knowledge of today - even the Bible’s predictions - everybody should be able to read this book as being the purity itself.
But atheists don’t read the Bible and theists only believe, like Thomas the believer.
And so we still live in a confusion of tongs.

Owing to a coincidence I came in contact with the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, which found it’s cradle in ancient China.
This method of diagnosis and treatment  was found to be part of a huge philosophy concerning life: not only individual life, but about life in general.
I feel sorry to say, but your interpretation of life is still very narrow-minded.
When I speak about life in general it is really everything that exists.
They let us in a simple doctrine about life and it’s cycle-waves of ‘’va et viens’’.
They stated ‘’All cycles of the Universe or All there is are equal from a tiny atom till the whole Universe itself’’.
Isn’t it too huge to realise?
Now - after a study of about 25 years about this doctrine -  I only can say that this ancient Wisdom is the capital letter of our Holy Book and nothing more.
Now I can transform or even read this Holy book of Wisdom with all its predictions in its reality.
It’s too particular for words.
How these scientists were able to find this - sorry - Whole or Holy Wisdom is nearly to comprehend.
One can only comprehend it fractionally by watching carefully in everything that exists.
One can only comprehend it fractionally by careful observation in nature and/or the cycle-waves of the zodiac - like the Maya’s studied the stars for thousands of years.
And still it is unbelievable.
But don't forget that in the ancient Chinese dynasty already perhaps hundreds of cultures came and disappeared already.
And all these cultures let us - like a testament - their knowledge as well as their problems during their cultures.
Of course I use the word ‘’testament’’ now with a special reason.
These ancient Chinese scientist were very humble and honest and did not claim that they found it themselves, like we are used to do in science.
This nowadays attitude is the bloody nonsense, because in all specialities of science hundred or even thousand persons were all together working on these subjects for a long long time.
And they all used previous testimonies as well.
Aren’t these like ‘’ testamentary revelations’’?
Without all nowadays science I never had been able to reconstruct  this ancient Chinese science as well as the Holy Book of ‘’Believers’’.
Absolutely never!!!
I told you that I was a scientist and was searching to the possible cause of cancer-growth, that now reach epidemic proportions.
Without all previous medical work, I never had been able to solve this problem.
No, your mind goes too fast!!!
I don’t solved the problem in terms of treatment, but I found the origin of cancer-growth.
Why it was condemned?
Because in doctor's imagination it’s an enemy, that have to be killed.
It’s too sad for world, because it is ‘’an ultimate effort to try to survive’’.
And speaking in comparisons with other cycles, I simply can state that without cancer on cosmic level life on this planet never appeared.
And without the ancient knowledge of acupuncture...I fear that it then was still my problem and/or my enemy.
These ‘’masters of real fundamental science‘’ knew it already 8000 years ago!!!
I also studied pregnancy with its delivery, because I thought that in this case the opposite process was originating as it is in cancer.
I even studied biology in relation to evolution.
I used all testimonies from others and still I wasn’t able to find something, that was known already 8000 years ago.
My contact with the testimony of this ancient Wisdom - acupuncture - was really the nicest coincidence in my life.
It’s not the place here to explain all cycles, which were re-found to be all equal owing to nowadays research.
But in my humble view these ancient scientists - we know them as ancient monks - said nearly everything.
Nearly everything, because one aspect of the ‘’Whole Wisdom” staid for them as  an Holy miracle.
The origin of life of Mother Earth herself.
And therefor this received the name ‘’Immaculate Conception’’.
With our nowadays science, this is not a miracle anymore.
And finally you know also why this Holy Book of Wisdom received the name “Testament’’.

We couldn't read and still don't want to read it now or even combine it, because ....
May I name it ‘’OUR GREED TO SURVIVE’’?
It’s not the place here to discuss here all cycles of life from the atom, mankind, cultures or even the entire cosmos, which are found to be all equal.
The truth behind Immaculate Conception, our Testament and the origin of “the Holy Book of Wisdom’’ is my humble view after a reconstruction, which took  so many decades.

May I invite you for a good discussion?